On this site, you only see hip hop reviews of not just the latest out there but also of some old school greats. I grade on a 10-point scale, using 0.25 intervals. I feel that using such a scale is a more accurate representation of my feelings about the album rather than a letter grade or a 5-star scale. The way I grade is slightly different in that I give a rare 11/10 to albums that have stood the test of time as classics forever to be remembered. It is possible for me to give an immediate 10/10 to a certain album now and later on, re-rate it as a 9/10 or even lower, simply because I feel it hasn’t stood the test of time and doesn’t sound like the classic I envisioned at first. It is also possible for me to rate a certain album now and later on give it a higher score, because I probably would have had a closer look at the album and a better appreciation for it.

I also on occasions do debates on what or who is the best in hip hop right now and forever. These will usually be about rappers, rap groups, albums, maybe trends. Also, if you want me to review a certain album, just holla in the Comments section of the latest blog post. I will see if the album is worth listening to (well… just don’t ask me to review something like Vanilla Ice) and I will give you my review as soon as possible. And mixtapes? Yes, I will consider mixtapes.

I hope you all enjoy reading this blog. Peace.

Courtesy of zpecter, a user in DeviantArt (click on photo to see his page)


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